Brunch Love

I love weekend brunch!  The plethora of choices, the capacity and excuse to eat more because you are eating for 2 meals of the day instead of 1, and the best part, catching up with good friends, all make brunch one of the sunniest moments of the week.  This past Sunday, my best-est Kellogg friends and I got together at AngelFood Bakery on Montrose Ave, in Chicago for roasted asparagus with goat cheese scramble, mac’n cheese, and poached eggs.  All 4 of us are so lucky to live in neighborhoods with a big variety of bakeries and cafes to brunch at within a short walking distance.  This week, Karin introduced us to her neighborhood joint and I must confess that I will be a returning client (good thing it’s close by).  This place is pastel cute with just a few tables, but plenty of antique Easy Bake Ovens well displayed along the ceiling of the cafe.

I ordered my first ever “Egg In Hole” and giggled like a 3rd grader having just heard a word that sounded like a male body part.  It was perfectly toasted and the egg looked like it was meant to always have been in the middle of bread.  Perhaps the hen is a fellow carbivore?

The camp-themed sweets were also intriguing and delicious.  Jodi dove right into the “nutty camper”, basically a chocolate twinkie with peanut butter injected in the middle instead of cream, and I eyed the “air stream” for a little while.  Serene also took home a “nutty camper” along with a “malted cupcake” for the baby and hubby at home (lucky ducks!).

Go out and explore your neighborhood this weekend with your friends and family, and report back with your favorite brunch spot, and remember to whip out your phones/calendars to plan your next brunch together before you leave!


One thought on “Brunch Love

  1. Claire says:

    I am so envious of your selection of tasty places to eat in Chicago. It’s kind of sad that of all the reasons I’d like to live there, it’s the food options. Keep tempting me with your bakery discoveries.

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