Ask and you shall receive – 3 months later…

My signature phrase is “I can totally make that!”  It’s mainly because I’m thrifty (ok, I’m cheap).  In most cases, yes I can make it, but the quality is questionable.  So, instead of actually purchasing the cake, pastry, bracelet, etc. that I eye for 30 minutes in the store, I convince myself that it would be cheaper and more fun to gather all the ingredients, buy tools that I’ll perhaps use only 2X, and seek out materials that I always end up having extra that take up more cabinet and storage space in our little condo.  Mind you that “I can totally make it”….months to years later too.

In this case, my good friends and I were gathered around the table eating dinner that we brought for new mommy, Karina (back around March), talking about pastries, specifically scones.  “Scones are so easy to make!  It takes no time at all, and not that many ingredients!  I can totally make scones,” came out of my mouth.  Did I go home right away that night and make some to bring to my friends the next day, heck no!  It isn’t until today that I actually pulled together the 6 ingredients (that I already had in my frig/pantry) and whipped up some chocolate chip scones for my friends.

There was some discussion during that dinner on what everyone’s favorite kind was, and chocolate chip was extremely popular.  I actually prefer fruit filled ones, like a fresh blueberry, or a strawberry creme scone, but then again I had chocolate chips in my pantry and no blueberries or strawberries today.  I used the Joy of Baking recipe for Chocolate Chip Scones, without any liberations or changes (as this is the first time I used the recipe).  Many people think that baking has to be precise.  Yes, you do need the right proportions of dry and wet ingredients along with your leavening agent, but you can change flavors and add-ins to your liking.  That’s why I love baking!  The science is amazing to watch happen right in front of you (like how bread dough can triple in size in just a few hours in a warm moist oven), but you can also be creative and add your own touch to it.  Granted it may take more time than conventional cooking, but the results are worth waiting for.

Priam waits for the scones to bake in the oven.

So, the scones will be packed and ready for our Tues. lunch, girls.  Now, back to that bracelet that was supposed to have been a birthday present a week ago!


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