Red White and British?

The holiday weekend is coming up and the annual Dodd’s House (Zach’s (hubby’s) buddies from college) get together will be at our house this 4th of July.  There will be tons of food, euchre, inside jokes that I will still not understand, and lots of man-love.  With that said, what should I make as a dessert for our Monday grill-out?  Berries are looking so vibrant and juicy right now that I feel like anything we eat that is sweet must have them incorporated somehow.  I would most likely have fresh berry smoothies every morning if it didn’t include me having to be awake and functional or a loud-ass blender.  So other than smoothies, what else are berries good in?  Pie, cake, tarts, ice-cream?  Or is there a better desert for the holiday?  Please take my poll!

All pictures and recipes are from Martha Stewart (my goddess).

Doesn’t the trifle look good and oh so festive with it’s red, white and blueberries?  I made this desert this past winter for my good friend Bushra’s Naturalization Party, sticking with the “America! FUCK YEAH!” theme (see picture in banner).  I was so proud of my beautiful and tasty faux American flag trifle until I realized that trifle is really a British dessert.  It kind of ruins the whole theme thing, but then I thought, “America was created with immigrants from all over, including and mainly the British!”  So, even though trifle did not originate from these lands, it came from the people that created this nation and can be used in any patriotic celebrations!


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