1st Macaron Experience

My favorite cookie in the world is the French Macaron.  It’s crispy and creamy all at the same time, and to me, it is French elegance in one bite.  I love the endless varieties that it can come in and the rainbow of colors that light up a display case.  Its popularity is starting to spread (so there are plenty of places that I can indulge myself at, i.e. the French Market downtown), and it’s Blair Waldorf’s (one of my guilty pleasures, Gossip Girl) favorite too!  Lastly, it’s gluten-free (so all my friends can enjoy this sweet treat)!!

I’ve always been intimidated to make the cookie, mainly because of its French origin (to me, things from France, including fashion, are just beyond my comprehension and skill).  BUT, this blog has given me courage and no shame to show my disasters.  So here we go!

I got the recipe from Fine Cooking magazine, by pastry chef Joanne Chang (click here!).  The step by step video, pictures and tips should have been fool-proof, but not this time!

My macarons were a bit gritty and about 1/3 of them had to be trashed.  I used ground almonds (with the skins on them), and even though I pulsed them in the food processor before making the dough, it was still too coarse and the little brown flecks of skin were a bit bitter.

I also evidently need a lot of work in my pipping skills.  My cookie sizes were all over the place, so they didn’t cook evenly on the sheet.  Next time, I’m going to draw circles on the parchment and hopefully I can stay inside the lines.  Perhaps I should breakout my coloring books and practice first?

Lastly, thinking that the cookie sheet is still non-stick after 5 years of hard work is just fooling yourself!

Ok, so they didn’t turn out that…bad.  Not like the time I set a peach crisp on fire (flames and all) and almost burnt down the condo.  I filled them with raspberry jam and Nutella and we gobbled them up anyways (had to get rid of the evidence).  Next time I’ll try using real almond flour or at least finely ground blanched almonds, draw tracing circles on parchment, perhaps put the dough in the fridge for a little while so that it would be more solidified to pipe, and will always butter a cookie sheet or use parchment or silicone on all of the cookies.  Isn’t learning fun?  Any tips you’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “1st Macaron Experience

    • Patti says:

      Bad TV is a disease that us silly girls (and boys too) contract during the cold months of the year, we can’t help it! Thanks for the complement on the macarons. They weren’t very tasty. 😦

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