Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Ideas

Since a bunch of you have asked me what kind of carbi goodness I’ll be making for tomorrow’s day of gratitude and eating, here’s a quick no-frills post in case you need any last-minute ideas!  We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my in-laws in Bright, IN.  It is always a good time there.  Priam (the mut) gets to run around a large yard and chase ducks in the pond.  I get to veg out with a plethora of food and gossip magazines, and we get hyped up and go hunting during Black Friday.   The best part though, is that it’s not at our tiny condo!!  So, here are the dishes and recipes that I will be bringing or making there:

Art Smith’s Mac N Cheese – always a hit with the adults and kids, and tastes great as leftovers for the next few days!

Sage, Apple and Sausage Stuffing – from the Food Network.  My mother in-law’s kryptonite is stuffing, so this year I will take a stab at it.  I have never made this recipe before, but it got some really good reviews.  I couldn’t find sage sausage, but will saute some sage with the onions and celery as a substitute. 

Bacon and Collard Greens – Fry up some bacon until crispy (probably 1/4 package), take bacon out and leave about 3 tablespoons of rendered fat in the pan. Throw in 1 medium-sized chopped red onion and let it cook at a lower temp until they are translucent.  Then, toss in the collard greens (about 2 bunches trimmed and cut into ribbons), and saute on medium heat until wilted and soaks in bacon flavor. Pour in about 2 cups of chicken stock, cover and simmer for a while until the greens are tender. Top finished greens with crumbled bacon bits.  🙂

Roasted Pears with Guinness Syrup– Delicious easy desert that I learned during our “Cooking with Beer” class at the Wooden Spoon.  You can make this ahead of time (especially the syrup) and store in an air tight container in the fridge and warm it up to room temp before serving.  Bring a can (16 oz.) of Guinness (or another stout), and 1 1/2 cups of sugar to a boil, then turn down to medium low heat and cook until it becomes syrupy (should coat the back of a spoon). Mean while, butter up a baking dish and sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar on bottom.  Pealed and core 4 pears (cut in halves) and place in baking dish.  Dab 2 tablespoons of butter over pears and sprinkled 1/4 cup sugar on top.  Bake the pears at 375 F until sugar melts and caramelizes (about 10-15 mins).  Take the pan out, and quickly add 1/4 cup water (careful the hot sugar will splatter) and dissolve the caramel and leftover sugar in the baking dish with a spoon and return back to oven. Bast pears with sugary syrup 3 times, every 5 minutes or so until pears are tender. Serve with Guinness syrup and ice cream!

Hope your holiday is full of family, friends, gratitude and yummy food!

PS.  This year we picked up a lot of ingredients at our neighborhood winter’s farmers market and Whole Foods.  Grateful that we have access to eat local and organic this year!


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Ideas

  1. maryannk says:

    And here I thought I’d heard all the Guinness recipes out there! That one sounds amazing, maybe we’ll have to try it tonight. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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