Sprinkle Birthday


I celebrated my 31st birthday last Weds.  That’s right, I said it out loud to the internet world, I’m 31 years old.  Some of you may think that I’m just a baby and some of you might think that I’m way too old.  To me, I’m just right.  I feel 31, slightly mature and serious but still a child at points, like still sleeping with stuffed animals (shout out to Mr. Snuggles!).  I’m 31, able to make a decent living and support a small family, but still trying to find myself and learn new things.  I’m 31, not as tone and tight as 21, but still beautiful and wrinkle free.  I’m 31, proud to have been a good person so far and happy to have surrounded myself with good people too.  31, not as bad as you would think.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!  It was a great uneventful day, just what I wanted.  I went to work like normal and had a decently busy day of meetings.  To celebrate, we chilled at home and I made my favorite – cake and sprinkles!  Not only do I love bread, I LOVE cake too.  I can never resist a good piece of cake.  My favorite flavor ice cream is cake-batter with sprinkles!  I love the simple festive colors and the change of texture that sprinkles/jimmies give to cake and ice cream.  That’s right, I made my own cake on my birthday, but by now you should know that it is fun for me!

ImageFor the cake I used How Sweet It Is’s Homemade Funfetti Cupcake recipe and for the icing, a light almost marshmallowy 7 Minute Frosting from Martha Stewart.  The cake was a bit denser than I would have liked, but had a nice, not-too-sweet flavor.  Maybe next time I’ll use a lighter egg-white based white cake recipe.  Also, I like the round multicolored jimmies instead of sprinkles (at least for the decorating), because they have a harder texture than sprinkles that contrasts well with soft and fluffy cake and frosting.

Now note that the frosting recipe makes 8 cups of frosting (always make sure to read ahead!) while the cupcake recipe only makes 12 cupcakes!  Also, you can not freeze or keep 7 minute frosting for too long.  What to do with the leftover frosting?  Well, I thought it was a brilliant idea when I read that you can scoop it onto baking sheets and make meringue cookies, so that’s what I did, or tried to do.  The scooping went just fine because I used an ice cream scoop to make perfectly cute mounds for cookies.  The baking was where I went wrong, way wrong.  I’ve never made meringues before so I wasn’t sure what would happen during baking.  Even though people’s comments and recipes said to bake for 25-30 minutes, I didn’t believe it when my meringues were still soft after 30 minutes in the oven and instead left them in there for another 30 minutes.  Even though they started to turn brown, I was convinced that they should be completely dried in the oven and be hard to the touch.  Well, after burnt sugar smells started to fill our condo, I finally gave in and realized that what I was doing was wrong.  I took out the cookies from the oven while they were still soft and stuck to the non-stick silicon sheet.  After 10 minutes I checked on them and magically they were hard and slid right off the baking sheet!  Too bad they were a burnt and tasted like carbon.  😦  So lesson learned, bake meringues for only 30 minutes as they will dry out and harden when you take them out of the oven.

I’m 31 and I learned how to burn sugar and egg whites.



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