Where everybody knows your name

Carbivore Farmers Market Table

Carbivore Farmers Market Table

Ok, so only a hand-full of people know my name, but everyone knows that I’m the cookie / macaron girl!  This past winter, Carbivore has been hanging out at the Evanston Indoor Farmer and Artisan Food Market hocking French macaron cookies on Saturday mornings.  It’s our first endeavor selling at a retail location and selling the macaron cookie (which is a challenge to consistently make every market).  Not only have I learned that it’s important to bring all your stuff to the market each time (like boxes and bags to put the cookies in and the key to the cash box) and that my husband is better at math than me, but I’ve been welcomed into such a fun, warm and dedicated community.

When I go to markets as a customer, I usually just lurk around quietly and peruse the stands and vendor offerings, or I go straight to my staples and get out as fast I can.  But now being part of the market, I see that it’s more than just a place to purchase groceries, sweets, and gift items.  It’s a community gathering, a fun place to meet up with friends and catch up, a new lunch destination, an adventure for your pallet, a place to meet interesting people from all stages in life, and an easy way for entrepreneurs to test their products, gather information, and make new connections.  There are dedicated customers who come to every market, even when there is a foot of snow on the ground and still coming down.  Parents even bring the kids when there are subzero temperatures because it’s a fun place for the cabin-crazed minds.  We are fortunate at the Evanston Indoor Farmer and Artisan Food Market to have a comfortable space at the Evanston Ecology Center indoors and heated tent (to accommodate the increase in vendors), which is a testament to a well-run market operation.  There is even convenient parking across the street.  With such fine environments, great people, and interesting variety of quality products, I have a new view on markets and plan on lingering, and meeting and talking to more people in my future visits.  Don’t be afraid, get involved in your community farmers market and get out there so everyone knows your name.

If you’re in the area, stop by this Saturday any time between 9:00am – 1:00pm.  I’d love to say hi and introduce you to my friends.  Josh from Passion House Coffee brews a fresh aromatic cup of coffee using a Chemex carafe and has beans for you to take home.  Do you need protein for the week?  Lester’s Bison has sustainable bison meat for dinner and warm hats and gloves from bison fur that they shed naturally in case you get caught in another snow storm.  If you haven’t had the garlic cheese spread from River Valley Kitchens, you haven’t lived!  Spark of the Heart easy to make hearty bean soups are just the things to warm your belly after shoveling the driveway.  At the market for lunch?  Tamale Express has lots of varieties of tamales and the tacos are yum too!  Check out the other vendors in the list below!

Farmers & Growers:
Chicago Indoor Garden, The Cheese People, C & D Family Farms, Endless Greens, Geneva Lakes Produce, Lavender on the Lake, Lester’s Bison Farm, Henry’s Farm, Lake Breeze Organics, Mint Creek Farms,  Nichols Farm, Organic Pastures, River Valley Ranch, Roedger Brother’s Blueberries, Sunny Lane Farms, Tomato Mountain

Artisan Foods:The Baked Escape, Beijo de Chocolat, Blessed Roots Farm, Carbivore,   Crust & Crumb, Delizioso!,  Feed Your Head, Foodie Bites, Patz Honey,  The Good Earth, Liza’s Crunch Granola, My Small Wonders, N’oir d’Ebene Chocolate, Northshore Pet Chef,  Passion House Coffee, Pasta By Sue, Pasta Puttana, Red Saffron, Sheekar Delights, Spark Of The Heart,  Tamales Express, Tomate Fresh Kitchen, Tree Of Life Gardens, Wayne Miller Fruit & Preserves, Wildtree, and Windy City Pie Company.


Evanston Indoor Farmer and Artisan Food Market

Evanston Indoor Farmer and Artisan Food Market

Evanston Indoor Farmer and Artisan Food Market - more than just food!

Evanston Indoor Farmer and Artisan Food Market – more than just food!

Farmers Market Chalkboard Sign

New flavors every market!

Chocolate Macarons

Carbivore’s Chocolate Macarons


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