Signing Off

On January 17th, 2013 Carbivore, LLC was formed.

  • I wanted to create beautiful things with my hands.
  • I was obsessed with buying new gadgets and tools.
  • There was a lack of custom dessert makers in the area.
  • I had commercial kitchen space.
  • I had time.
  • I had a hole that I needed to fill.

Today, 4 years later, Carbivore LLC is dissolved.

  • I made countless lovely and yummy things with my hands.
  • I have a basement full of fun molds, cutters, machines, etc. and had the best time researching, purchasing, and using them.
  • There are now more than a few handfuls of custom dessert makers in the nearby neighborhoods.
  • I moved back to the comforts of my home kitchen.
  • Time is now a luxury.
  • I am more full of love and life then I ever have been before.

Bittersweet cannot be any more perfect in describing my feelings as I type this.  These past 4 years have been a great adventure, including great triumphs and heavy falls.

  • My mind grew more peaceful when kneading fondant or mixing ingredients for a cake.
  • My eyes grew wider as each friend/customer showed me their ideas for cakes, cookies and other sweets.
  • My patience grew thinner with each fondant decorating element slipping off.
  • My organization and planning skills grew longer as each custom cake got more complicated.
  • And my heart grew bigger from each exhilarated smile when delivering cakes and carbi delights.

I will always be a Carbivore and I will continue on the carb-filled adventures with our small growing family.  Thank you all for all your love, support, and for eating!!



2 thoughts on “Signing Off

  1. Kathy Nyquist says:

    Your carb creations were incredible. So creative, perfectly done, delicious. Your family is lucky to have their creative mom turning her energy into making family life fun and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

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