Sweets & Treats

Carbivore offers more than just cookies and cakes!

Carbivore also offers Hand-Rolled Artisan Chocolate Truffles during the holiday season or by special request, with flavors including:  sea salt caramel, chocolate chip cookie dough, orange cream, hazelnut crisp, and many more to come!

Have you sunk your teeth into a delicious French Macaron before?  The chewy but delicate texture and punch of flavor will have you grabbing for another and another!  Flavors include:  dark chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, lemon, orange cream, passion fruit, blueberry currant, and many more specialty flavors.

Custom order desserts are also available!  Feel free to drop me a note!

2 thoughts on “Sweets & Treats

  1. Lo says:

    I brought (what was left) of your truffles and sea salt caramels into my work place. FYI it was a hit and they all went quick with positive reviews. I had more visits from people than usual that day. Thanks for sharing them!

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